Aery32 Software Framework  0.4.1
C/C++ Framework for 32-bit AVRs (AVR32)
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 o*adc.hAnalog-to-digital converter (adc)
 o*all.hIncludes all the headers files at once
 o*delay.hDelay functions for small delays
 o*flashc.hFlash Controller (flashc)
 o*gpio.hGeneral Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
 o*intc.hInterrupt Controller (INTC)
 o*pm.hPower Manager (PM)
 o*pwm.hPWM module functions
 o*rtc.hReal Time Counter (RTC)
 o*spi.hSerial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
 o*string.hString functions
 \*twi.hTWI/I2C two wire serial interface