Use Git to fetch Aery32 Software Framework

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The development process of Aery32 Software Framework takes place in GitHub that uses Git version control system. Although you would not use Git for version controlling, its clone command is a convenient way to download projects files to your workspace. Just cast the spell and let the magic happen

git clone git://

Humm... but how?

Well first you have to download and install Git. There are installers for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris. Pick up the one for your operating system – Linux users can also install Git via package managers such as apt-get and yum. If you are unsure what to select on each screen during the installation, check the installation instructions from GitHub. Be sure to click "Not sure what to pick on each screen?" to see screenshots. It's also recommended to configure your Git settings after the installation as instructed in GitHub.

Now we are ready to use Git. In Windows we will use Git Bash. You can find this from your Start menu, or you can open it via Windows Explorer (press Win-E for quick access). Let's open it via Windows Explorer. Browse to My Documents and create a new folder called Workspace. Then right click that folder and select Git Bash Here. Git Bash's command line window opens. Now type the command

git clone git://

When done you have a new directory called aery32 under your workspace. That's it, you are now ready to work under that directory – open main.c to start programming.

Tip! If you want to git clone Aery32 Framework into some other directory than aery32 you can append the clone command with the desired directory name:

git clone git:// myproject

Tip! You can remove the .git directory and the file named as .gitignore, if you don't like those.

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