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Don't be afraid of the command line

Muiku Oy
10 Oct 2012

It probably can't be denied that the command line has a repulsive reputation and possibly scares the beginners away to look for other platforms. But, after all it is not any harder to use than other tools and beginners do not often need to be very highly skilled in order to be successful.

Performance testing for fun with AVR32_COUNT system register

Kim Blomqvist
16 Aug 2012

The cycle counting register, AVR32_COUNT, within the AVR32 UC3 microcontrollers can be used for naive performance testing of functions' execution time

Batchisp for UC3 chips demystified

Kim Blomqvist
14 Jul 2012

With Batchisp you can program the UC3 chips via USB DFU Bootloader. In this case the USB DFU Bootloader shipped within the UC3 chips, allows you to program the chip with your own program by just using the USB interface–no need for an external programmer hardware

How to install AVR 32-bit Toolchain on Linux

Kim Blomqvist
06 Jul 2012

There are a quite amount of confusion how to install AVR Toolchain on Linux and how to use it standalone without IDE. To make this process easier I decided to describe the installation process step by step

Scroll text on HD44780 type display

Kim Blomqvist
24 Jun 2012

Every now and then it's fun to play with displays – this time scrolling text to infinity

How to reprogram the DFU Bootloader for UC3 chips

Kim Blomqvist
17 Jun 2012

Sometimes it happens that you have accidently erased the DFU Bootloader from your board; or either you want to change the Bootloader to the previous version or update to the newer one. This article describes how to do that